New AnyBody Version (7.3.1) is released and it is 3X faster...

Today (Oct 6th 2020), AnyBody Technology presented it's newest and latest musculo-skeletal simulation software AnyBody Modelling System(AMS) version 7.3.1. This latest version also comes with an updated modelling repository (AMMR version 2.3.1). The most exciting part to me is the improved interface which improves the user experience.

YouTube link of the presentation

Recent PhD Thesis uses AnyBody Modeling System

Fatih Alibeyoglu, a recent PhD graduate from Atatürk University used AnyBody Modeling System(AMS) to perform patient specific craniofacial finite element analysis in his thesis work. The thesis is soon to be published on YOK thesis database and become available to public. Alibeyoglu specifically used AMS to retrieve realistic forces exerted on bony structure on muscle attachment points and joints.