New AnyBody Version (7.3.1) is released and it is 3X faster...

New muscle wrapping algorithm figure

Today (Oct 6th 2020), AnyBody Technology presented it's newest and latest musculo-skeletal simulation software AnyBody Modelling System(AMS) version 7.3.1. This latest version also comes with an updated modelling repository (AMMR version 2.3.1). The most exciting part to me is the improved interface which improves the user experience.

YouTube link of the presentation

Here are some highlights of the user interface updates

- More responsive user interface

- Web based help system

- New class list ("key classes") to pick Anybody class objects

There is also a new muscle wrapping algorithm, which improves the speed of simulations tremendously. On a single wrapping muscle level, the new algorithm offers 30X speed up. And on more practical models, like the Mocap based gait model the speed up is about 3.5X. Here simulation solve time dropped from 6.6min to 2.0min.

The updates on the AMMR has 3 main highlights:

1. Updated Mocap motion (Includes 50 subjects data with 5 different walking speeds, 1193 trials). No wonder the installation file size reached 1GB now, and yet one needs to install the dataset separately after installing the AMS 7.3.1

2. New statistical scaling plug-in tool (ANSUR database based 1700 women and 2200 men). This new plug-in includes images of the certain scaling dimensions and allows the user enter certain values and automatically suggest most likely values for the remaining ones.

3. Improvements in the shoulder rhythm which brings more realistic shoulder motion

So overall version AMS 7.3.1 and AMMR 2.3.1 brings a better user experience and more accurate modeling capabilities.